Frequently Asked Questions

The cost is $165.00, which includes prompt deliver and pick up, bottle of mix (flavor of your choice), 50 cups, straws, a draped cart, and salt (if needed). If the machine is being delivered to the East end of Riverside County (Palm Springs, Palm Desert, Coachella, and Indio) and $55 delivery fee will apply-making the rental $220.

Margarita Momma does NOT hold a liquor license; therefore, ALCOHOL is not included with the rental. 3 Liters of tequila will provide you and your guests with a good strength batch of delicious margaritas. Half liter of triple sec (1 liter if you prefer sweeter).

It takes approximately 40-50 minutes. Although, if your party is on a warm day it may take up to 1 hour. The best part is after the first batch is made there is no more waiting! Our machines have a low light and know when to add more mix for continuous flow of delicious margaritas!

Each batch yields approximately 80 8oz drinks. You will notice that when given a choice, more than half of your guests will chose margaritas over beer and wine. A second machine is recommended if you will be serving over 60 guests. (multiple machines discounted)

YES! You will be surprised to discover NO ICE is ever needed! We make the first batch for you and show you how simple it really is. Margarita Momma will always leave clear printed instructions with the machine rental!

As soon as possible, especially during holidays and special events. It’s always better to book early than to miss out on Margarita Momma at your next event!

No, but we highly recommend Abbey Party Rentals of Temecula. Call them at (951) 296-1755 or visit their website at

No, the machine is fully self contained; therefore, it freezes on its own – no ice needed.

No problem! Margarita Momma leaves at least two extra mixes (more upon request). If you use them, they are $20 each, if you do not open and use them, there is no charge.

No. Unlike plastic double margarita machines, there is no wait time after adding additional mix. You can, literally be refilling the machine, while your guests are filling their cups.

The machine requires a dedicated 20amp outlet that can not be shared with anything else. No GFI’s or surge protectors.